About me

My love for coding can be traced back to my childhood, where I invented my first language, that consisted mostly of hearts and stars. Somewhat disillusioned by the fact that no one wanted to communicate with me, I steered clear from coding for a while. After finishing secondary school, I opened a coffeeshop, which made me into a business owner at 21 years old.

Being the creative and curious person that I am, being confined to a 6 by 6 square shop made me deeply unhappy, almost just as unhappy as I felt during the few weeks I spent in university. So, for about five years I enjoyed working in hospitality, which allowed me the freedom to travel as well. Then finally, after exploring six out of the seven continents, I got the itch to use my brain again. I started as an IT helpdesk employee at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and studied Communication and Multimedia Design on the side. After graduating, I stuck around at my beloved internship company New Story and specialised as a creative front-end developer with an eye for design.

Since then, I’ve created many websites and apps for contractors like; Sunny Cars, Aegon, the Vogelbescherming and the Dutch government. When it comes to my tech stack, I work mostly with Angular, but I also have experience with React and Vue.js. Of course, in combination with TypeScript. I love creating animations and layouts in CSS, mostly using TailwindCSS or BEM. I have experience with async programming with RxJs and with native app development using Ionic or React Native. I can also set up a backend + API with Express.js. This is only a selection of the skills I have acquired so far. I enjoy diving into new technologies and plan to keep doing so in the coming years.

I am currently settled down in my hometown, Katwijk aan Zee, where my husband and I are raising a little future coder of our own! As a freelance creative frontend developer, I am always on the lookout for new projects for my hungry creative brain to chew on. Preferably for medium-sized organisations that move quickly, without sacrifising design and quality. Does that ring a bell? Or do you have a question? Feel free to reach out.